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Dear Future Customer,

Since 2003, our approach to Commercial Kitchen and Air Conditioning repair is one which eliminates surprises.
At Bulls Eye Technical Service we don't believe in "Teaser Offers" that come with games and gimmicks.
The old adage says "If it's too good to be true, it probably is" - Our experience tells us that this is a true concept.

We find it improper to send our technicians to your location on a "teaser deal".
Other technicians are told to find enough things wrong to ""add on" and cover the TRUE cost of their service.
At Bulls Eye Technical Service we do not sell new equipment or units, nor offer commissions for our technicians to do so.
This would present a major conflict of interest that could turn a minor repair into a sales pitch to sell you a new unit.

OUR approach is to offer fair pricing "up front" that will cover the TRUE cost of the service we provide.
This allows us to focus on honest service, which we believe will lead to your repeat business.
Repeat business and referrals have been the real key to our success since 2003.
Our company policies include:

1) Fair, honest rates
2) No truck charge
3) Itemized and totaled invoice BEFORE you sign it
4) No repair completed without customer approval
5) Good response times - 24/7 if needed. (Overtime charges might apply)

~ Brian Bresee, General Manager